Monday, June 27, 2011

"Without Solar You're Just Renting Electricity"

Yesterday at the North San Diego Farmers Market in Escondido, Cosmic Solar made an appearance passing out free stuff while sharing information regarding solar electricity, eliminating electricity bills and becoming energy independent. An incredibly knowledgeable gentleman visited our booth thanking us for installing a beautiful system on his home and couldn't say enough positive things about how he felt about his system. Quite frankly, we were flattered!

"It's amazing how I'm no longer renting my electricity from the utility company. My loan payment is now lower than what I was previously paying to the utility company and after seven years, my loan will be paid off and it's all free electricity from there on out! Without solar, you're just renting electricity."

And you know what? This helped us
realize two things over here at Cosmic Solar:

(1) Our customers are among of the smartest people in Southern California and (2) buying electricity on a monthly basis is really the same thing as renting your electricity.
Your system will help you save some of this.

So why not request a free Cosmic Solar quote? We would be happy to come out, take a look at your roof or backyard and provide some free suggestions and guidance. What is there to lose other than a monthly electricity bill?

And don't forget to come visit us at the North San Diego Farmers Market every Sunday between 10:00am and 4:00pm at 12655 Sunset Drive, Escondido near the North County Mall! We'll be there passing out free stuff and assisting Southern California residents, one by one, in becoming energy independent. Can't wait to see you there!

Pey Shadzi
Operations Manager at Cosmic Solar
(760) 532-9712

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