Thursday, June 30, 2011

Experts Say Solar May be Reaching "Grid Parity"

"I keep hearing this phrase grid parity. What is it and what does it have to do with me?"

Well I'm glad you asked...

In the solar industry, professionals refer to the point in which alternative means of generating electricity (solar, for example) is at least as cheap as buying power from the grid or the utility company. It's referred to as "grid parity."

Stephen Lacey, an author arguing solar has already reached this point of grid parity, wrote an insightful article early June giving light to the notion solar is, in fact, not too expensive, as many suggest.
"When financing providers can offer a home or business owner solar electricity for less than the cost of their current services; when utilities start investing in solar themselves to reduce operating costs; and when the technology starts moving into the range of new nuclear and new coal, it’s impossible to ignore."
See Stephen's compelling argument at this link here: Solar is Ready Now: ‘Ferocious Cost Reductions’ Make Solar PV Competitive

Despite hearing from many potential clients that "solar is still too expensive," I tend to agree with Stephen. I too believe we have reached the point of grid parity. For those who have doubts, I'll post a quote from a past client of Cosmic Solar's who makes an incredible case for going solar:
"It's amazing how I'm no longer renting my electricity from the utility company. My loan payment is now lower than what I was previously paying to the utility company and after seven years, my loan will be paid off and it's all free electricity from there on out! Without solar, you're just renting electricity."
The issue of whether solar is affordable or not has changed drastically in the past few years. Those who thought going solar was just a pipe dream may now enjoy the pleasures of paying a low monthly fixed cost for their electricity while energy rates continue to increase year after year. Once your loan is completed in five or ten years, you own the system and it's all free from there on out.

Still think you can't afford solar? Contact Cosmic Solar for a free solar system evaluation that will "zero out" your electricity bill and get rid of that monthly bill once and for all.

Pey Shadzi
Operations Manager at Cosmic Solar

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