Monday, June 20, 2011

Who's Up for a Swim?

Here at Cosmic Solar, we meet quite a few homeowners from all over Southern California on a daily basis. With few exceptions, when asked what these lucky residents like most about living here, the top response is always "how could you not love this beautiful weather!" We certainly agree.

If it were tallied up, I'd be willing to bet you would see "I love having a pool" up there in reasons why this area is so attractive, too. A pool adds value to your house, looks beautiful and really comes in handy when the family is looking for something fun to do. Swimming is a great form or exercise as well. Plus who can resist lounging on an inflatable inner tube with a cold drink on a hot summer day?

But, what's that you say? You only like swimming in the summer? The rest of the year the water is so cold and you only go in when someone pushes you in against your own will?

He was the life of the party, I'm sure

Cosmic Solar to the rescue! Our pool heating systems are affordable, reliable and help significantly warm your pool year round. Once installed, gone will be the days when you'd dip your toe in mid-April before deciding against hopping in. You'll see. Give us a call and schedule a free price quote. We'd be happy to come take a look and provide recommendations at no cost.

...So, who's up for a swim?

Let's give it up for Cosmic Solar pool heating!

Pey Shadzi

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