Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Cosmic Solar System in Valley Center!

36 Schuco PS 09 235-watt panels positioned due south, ready and willing to soak up Valley Center's most reliable and plentiful sunbeams. This owners of this house, who live not too far from Valley Center High School, will no longer need to keep track of their monthly SDG&E bill. In fact, in the near future, they will conveniently be able to plug in their new electric car and power it entirely off the sun when purchased from the local dealership.

As you can imagine, this Valley Center household is very excited about the idea of becoming energy independent while eliminating their electric bill and the need for gasoline to run their vehicle. Additionally, with just over a five year payback on the investment in their solar system, we'd say they made a great choice by choosing Cosmic Solar for their installation.

Congratulations to another energy independent household in Valley Center!

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