Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Five Questions to Ask your Solar Installer

  1. How much experience does your company have?
Cosmic Solar has installed over 200 systems in Southern California over the past 24 months alone. With over 50 years of combined experience in the solar industry among employees at our company, it's safe to say we know our way around a solar array. Our president, an engineer by trade, has been involved in solar projects for over ten years and was contracted by various solar companies to inspect systems to ensure they met local and state regulations.
  1. What licenses and insurance does your company possess?
Another way to evaluate a company’s level of experience in solar is by the licenses and certification the company and its staff have attained. At Cosmic Solar, we have a general contractor's license (B) and an electrical contracting license (C-10) in addition to a solar license (C-46). It is safe to say it's somewhat rare to encounter a company with so many licenses, allowing us to instill confidence in our customers with our extensive understanding of contracting, electrical and, most importantly, solar.
  1. Is your company accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
We certainly are. We've maintained an A+ BBB rating from day one and are proud of it!
  1. Will your company handle all of the work required?
It's fairly common to encounter solar companies which hire sub-contractors to complete various parts of a job. This provides an additional layer of difficulty because it becomes tough to track accountability. Cosmic Solar works with you from beginning to end and never subcontracts our work out to other companies. We offer a ten full year warranty on installation and respond to your inquiries with a site visit within 24 hours. Our team has extensive knowledge with every aspect of the job and takes pride in seeing every installation from beginning to end.
  1. Can you please provide me with customer references?
One of the best ways to learn about a company is through their customers. Here at Cosmic Solar, we provide our customers with a list of not three, but over 50 installation references in order to ensure our potential clients can make an educated decision. These installs range from extremely recent to years back for a good diverse mix. When we provide proposals, we encourage contact with our past customers because there is no better way to gain knowledge about who you're working with than speaking with customers who have gone through the process and are happy with their investments.

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