Monday, May 30, 2011

Cosmic Solar Featured at Western Days 2011!

The fun began Friday, May 27th with the Stampede Rodeo and ran through Saturday, May 28th with the Western Days festival and an amazing parade. Hope you were able to make it and take advantage of all the amazing activities and events which took place!

Cosmic Solar started off with an impressive float which displayed beautiful solar panels, a vibrant display of sunshine and live music featuring Tara Laura from Little Lemon. We continued the day with an informative booth at the Western Days festival and supported the Stampede Rodeo with our signs, banners and loud cheers!

All in all, we had a blast and have already begun thinking about how our float will look at Western Days 2012. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth, showed their support at the parade and were able to make it to the rodeo. This was a weekend we'll never forget!

Pey Shadzi
Operations Manager at Cosmic Solar
Ph: 760-532-9712

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