Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trust: The Last American Stronghold?

On a recent trip to the Bay Area, as I sat thinking about things 30,000 feet off the ground, I couldn't help but look out the window while my thoughts began to wander. So many rooftops out there without solar, so much potential...

Why have so many homeowners waited to call their local solar installers, moving forward to eliminate their electric bill? Why have so many people waited to begin saving money while investing in a sustainable future for themselves and their families?

It's a good question...

I'm sure there isn't one straight answer for the question I've proposed. In fact, I know many of the reasons out there. Many of them are reasonable (renting their home, moving in the next 12 months, extremely low electric bills), but many of the excuses are, well, exactly that: excuses (lack of time to look into it, solar is "expensive," waiting to see what the future holds). I started to wonder, however, if many people just don't place their trust in the idea that solar will help them save money and provide a more sustainable future.

During my recent trip to Northern California, I stopped by to see my brother, Javad Shadzi, at his shop in Fremont, California. Javad is president and director of product development at 034 MOTORSPORT, the company he founded many years ago. 034 MOTORSPORT is committed to creating engine management and custom motor sport solutions for Volkswagen and Audi applications. 034 was founded with a passion for the product, passion that "drives development to high levels of refinement, and pushes innovation to levels that force others to imitation." After visiting his facility, I can say with earnest conviction that I'm glad I'm not one of 034's competitors.

As I strolled around the shop, drooling over the incredible race cars and finely tuned daily drivers receiving upgrades, I couldn't help but notice how many cars the technicians were able to impressively fit inside the shop. At nearly every corner, cars were, quite literally, safely piled on top of each other to conserve space and ensure each customer's car was well taken care of and sheltered from the outside world.

I have to admit, however, how nervous I felt after noticing one Audi situated directly over another Audi on the hydraulic lift. "What an amazing amount of trust the technicians must place in the hydraulic lift system to be able to place a 4,000 pound vehicle directly above another,"
I couldn't help but ponder.

It's obvious this device has been time tested and has gained the trust of the professionals who use it on a day-to-day basis. A prestigious shop, such as 034 MOTORSPORT, wouldn't utilize a product if it wasn't the best and most trustworthy offering out there.

My eyes darted around the shop for a few minutes while my mind tried to comprehend what I was viewing. So many beautiful cars... As I finished the tour of Javad's facility and left with a feeling of excitement knowing not many people have the privilege of sneaking a peak at such an incredible sight, I couldn't help but think about the hydraulic lift and how much trust individuals at 034 MOTORSPORT place in each of the lift's components on a daily basis.

As I boarded my return flight home, sitting patiently waiting for our plane to depart, I once again gazed out the plane window and thought about our potential solar customers out there. It struck me the reason many people may not have yet gone solar is because they simply don't trust it will be a reliable form or technology. Maybe they just don't believe solar is the answer for a safer and more productive future. If this is the case, we have our work cut out for us in the solar industry.

One day, perhaps one day soon, customers will place as much trust in solar technology as the technicians at 034 MOTORSPORT place in their hydraulic lifts. Until that day, we'll continue to educate every potential customer about the benefits of eliminating their electric bill and creating a stronger America -- by building trust, one solar system at a time.

Pey Shadzi 
Operations Manager at Cosmic Solar
(760) 532-9712

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