Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Rise in Popularity of Solar Leasing

A funny thing happened to us here at Cosmic Solar in 2011: we had a change of heart.

After many years of arguing solar leases were not in the best interest of our customers, we took another look at solar leasing in its entirety and determined it might just be a useful tool for many of our solar clientele. The reality is things have changed recently and companies we work with are now able to secure amazing financing terms. This allows us to offer"no money down" leases that begin saving our customers 30-50% on their electric bill. The terms are undeniably attractive.

Yes, you read it correctly: No upfront investment and begin saving 30-50% on your bills. With rates like these, it's no wonder why leasing has become so popular.

Fast forward six months and it's safe to say this was the right decision for us here at Cosmic Solar since nearly 80% or more of our solar customers are now choosing to go with no money down leases. It's also safe to say the program has been a considerable success and homeowners everywhere are jumping on board, requesting solar proposals and deciding to move forward stating our proposals "make a lot of economic sense."
But wait a second... there are a number of companies out there who offer the same type of lease with no upfront investment. Why is yours any better? What's the difference?

The short answer is we only use the highest quality materials while offering you a lower monthly payment and better value for your solar lease. Here's the long answer:

1. Cosmic Solar is in your neighborhood. The majority of leasing companies out there aren't located in your neighborhood much less 300 miles from your home. If you request a quote and a company would rather email it to you than come out and shake your hand, they might be located in Northern California or even in another state.
And hey, don't get me wrong, Northern California is a beautiful place -- in fact, I even grew up there. But if you have an issue with your solar system, would you rather call someone 500 miles away or a reputable company just down the road from you that has a reputation for working seven days a week? It's certainly something to think about.
2. Cosmic Solar only uses the highest quality materials. If you receive a quote for a solar lease and the line that is supposed to tell you what kind of solar panels and inverter they're installing on your home says "to be determined," I would kindly ask for a more straightforward answer. Here at Cosmic Solar, we tell you exactly what type of materials we will be installing and always give you 100% of the information up front. No hidden surprises. You deserve a better answer than "we aren't sure what will be on sale next week so I'll get back to you."

3. Cosmic Solar always gives you the best deal from day one. Many companies out there will "test the waters," giving you a high quote, hoping you'll accept it without getting any other bids. Then when you call and tell them another company using better materials is saving you another $60 a month on your bill, they say "fine, we'll match that price." That type of shady business practice doesn't fly. If the company you're receiving a quote from tries to slide an exorbitant quote by you the first time, how can you bring yourself to trust them with any other aspect of your installation? That type of practice is very unprofessional.

If the idea of going solar is intriguing and you're in the market to eliminate your electric bill without even having to spend a single dime upfront, please let me know. I'll let you in on what thousands of smart homeowners in 2012 already discovered: no money down leases through Cosmic Solar will save you money from day one and you can be sure you're receiving the highest quality materials at the best value around. I can personally guarantee that.

What have you got to lose other than your electric bill?

Pey Shadzi
Operations Manager at Cosmic Solar

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