Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Over 85% of Southern Californian homeowners should go with Solar (and why most haven't)

I can't tell you how many times this scenario has played out in the past few months at dinner parties:

Acquaintance: So, what do you do for a living?

Me: I'm the Operations Manager for Cosmic Solar. We're a solar design and installation company in Southern California. We specialize in solar systems for residential and commercial applications and we've installed hundreds of systems over the past 18 months. Have you ever considered going solar?

Acquaintance: Wow. What a great industry to be in! I've always wanted to go solar, but it's just too expensive... right?

Now, if you're a solar contractor in the state of California reading this, you're likely rolling your eyes. We hear this all the time and, quite frankly, the idea that solar is "too expensive" is an outdated myth. Let me show you why 85% of Californians will financially benefit from installing a Cosmic Solar system and be able to begin saving money immediately -- I'm talking day one -- on their electricity bills. Let's explore this idea: I sincerely believe 85% of Southern California residents could benefit financially by installing a Cosmic Solar system on their home.

The average bill we see at Cosmic Solar is in the ballpark of, let's say, $250 per month. This is money spent on utility bills to power the lights, pool, stove, water heater or any other appliance which runs on electricity. However, with a Cosmic Solar system and a 10-year loan with an interest rate of 6.5%, your utility bill will be "zeroed out" and your loan payment will only be $225 per month. That's a $25 per month immediate savings just by going solar! After ten years, the system is paid off and it's all free electricity from that point forward. Even better, your loan payment is fixed while the cost of electricity will surely rise over the course of the next years.

Though it's difficult to believe, installing solar and going with a 10-year fixed interest rate loan, unsecured to your home, could save you over $100,000 over a 25 year period. If we had a dime for every customer who told us going with Cosmic Solar was the best investment they had ever made...

At the very least, contact Cosmic Solar for a free evaluation of your roof for a roof-mounted system or your backyard for a ground-mounted system. It's absolutely free and there is no obligation. Really, what do you have to lose?

Pey Shadzi
Operations Manager at Cosmic Solar
(760) 532-9712

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